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Download Larger Files (Directions)
If you would like to download the large files w/ superior sound and image quality follow these simple steps:

1. If you don't already have a Gnutella Netwrok program, go to and download a Gnutella Network program such as BearShare, LimeWire, or Morpheus.

2. Install the program and get online with it.

3. Use the "search" option, in the program which you downloaded, and search for "Star Wars Episode 1.2 The Amended Menace" It, like the streaming video files on this site, contains 5 parts. (For best performance, try downloading over night, while bandwidth use is low.)

4. After all 5 files have been downloaded, watch and enjoy!

5. Then allow others to download the files from your computer and spread the word so more people can enjoy "The Amended Menace"! Thanx

NOTE:  To get George Lucas' full movie experience rent the DVD and play it at home on a wide screen with surround sound.